10 Best Airsoft Pistols Reviewed

10 Best Airsoft Pistols Reviewed

10 Best Airsoft Pistols

It’s natural for you to want to run an airsoft rifle as your primary, because let’s be honest: who wouldn’t want a cool-looking gun that feels nice and heavy in the hand and shoots full-auto at 400 FPS? What doesn’t feel as good though, is running dry on ammo in a tight spot while being surrounded by enemies that want to tag you out. You’d wish you carried a backup sidearm with you then.

Apart from being able to save you in messy situations, airsoft handguns are also loads of fun to shoot. Everyone wants to feel like John Wick once in a while - playing quick skirmishes with just a pistol surely does a great job at emulating that. Besides, it’ll save you the added costs and get rid of the high-maintenance factor that usually comes around with bigger guns.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best airsoft pistols you could get your hands on in 2022.

10. ASG CZ P-09

The ASG CZ P-09 has been making the rounds on airsoft forums online as of late, and for the right reasons. It’s a full size, double-action blowback pistol which is 21 cm lengthwise, and weighs about 900 g unloaded. As it is compatible with both green gas and CO2 magazines, the P-09 shoots with an average muzzle velocity of 320-380 FPS. Though a big handgun, the ergonomics and overall grip is superb, making the pistol feel perfect in a medium sized hand. The polymer frame matches and blends well with the metal slide, adding to the aesthetics. As for the accuracy, you’ll be able to hit your shots rather consistently in short-mid range using the 3-dot iron sights, making the P-09 a decent choice for CQB as well as outdoors gunplay.

9. HK MK23

Officially licensed by H&K, the MK23 is a highly accurate airsoft replica of its .45 caliber real steel counterpart. It comes with a metal upper slide, a polymer frame, and a 130 mm plastic inner barrel. Around 25 cm in length, this gun is easily one of the largest pistols in the market.

Holding 24+1 pellets in its green gas magazine, this gun features a raised combat iron sight which is operational even with a barrel attachment. Much like the real gun, the clip release and safety levers are ambidextrous for left-handed use.

With good hop-up adjustment, the gun can consistently hit targets placed at 30+ meters accurately. So while its big size isn’t particularly viable for CQC, the gun can compete very well in assault distances. The FPS averages between 360-380 so the gun definitely shoots the way it looks. When it comes to GBB, KWA’s new NS2 system gives the piece a strong recoil with each trigger pull. Plus points for realism.

8. TM G26

Even with its small frame and a tiny 2” barrel, the TM G26 is known to out-shoot a majority of its GBB contenders - and even some AEGs! The accuracy this gun offers is ridiculous considering its subcompact size, making it an ideal choice for many airsofters.

The G26 has a polymer slide and outer barrel, and comes along with a 15-round magazine, a metal butt-plate, classic Glock iron sights, guide rod and an adjustable hop-up unit. The manual safety mechanism locks the trigger and erases any room for misfires, etc. Speaking of triggers, the trigger pull on this gun is short and smooth and makes for an amazing shooting experience.

The magazines are intended to be powered by HFC134a, but top gas is another viable option. Using either, the gun averages an FPS of 250-300 under optimal conditions and can hit bullseye with negligible bullet drop at 10-15 meters. Even though the gun weighs in at less than 600 g, the blowback really is something, emulating the powerfulness of a concealed carry weapon pretty accurately.

7. TM G17

Staying with the Glock family, the Tokyo Marui G17 is a full-sized blowback pistol and much like the 26, an absolute beast. Even though there isn’t anything particularly unique about the gun besides the performance it delivers, the G17 is one of the most upgradable GBB pistols in the market right now.

The gun has a polymer slide and outer barrel like any other TM pistol, along with a really nice finish. The frame itself is a decently accurate replica of the original Glock and has the various stampings that make the gun look authentic. On top of the slide, you can find slightly raised iron sights which provide ample focus for accurate shooting.

The magazine, a 25-round Tokyo Marui GBB clip, has a sleek matte finish with the Glock logo engraved into it. While the gun can only shoot in semi-auto mode, the light trigger pull coupled with the gun’s ability to be rapid-fired accurately comes in clutch. The ~300 FPS benchmark makes for an effective range of around 25 meters which is nothing short of top-of-the-line for a gun only 16 cm in length.

6. Umarex Walther P99

The Umarex Walther P99 is perhaps the best budget-friendly option on this list and in the market. It is a well-made replica with a polymer frame and metal slide. The gun is powered by CO2 and the grip features a slotted texture for sure-handed gripping. The weight feels just right in your hands as well.

Something worth noting is the fact that instead of storing CO2 cartridges in its 15-round magazines, the P99 stores it under the removable backstrap on the grip. While this makes replacement magazines dirt cheap, reloading might be challenging at times.

Flexing a muzzle velocity of 300-330 FPS, the Walther P99 is a respectable choice for CQC and even mid ranges. While the hop-up unit isn’t adjustable, the accuracy on this model is pretty good regardless. The increased trigger pull due to the DA trigger can be a turn-off to some, however.

5. Cyma G18C

AEPs tend to be less expensive than GBB pistols, and the Cyma G18C is no exception. With just about $60, minus the pesky international shipping charges, you can get your hands on this pistol easily. The gun features a modern design even though the externals are made out of polymer. The internal mechanisms, however, are mostly metal which is especially beneficial considering the gun’s fully-automatic firing mode and the high RPM that it boasts.

In case you think that the 30-round mag depletes readily with full-auto, there’s also an option to switch to semi automatic and alternatively, you can just get a, say, 100-round magazine for just a few bucks. Even with a relatively low muzzle velocity of 200-220 FPS, the sheer amount of bbs you can dump down-range with this gun is insane, making it a formidable weapon in CQC.

4. Elite Force 1911 Tac

The Elite Force 1911 Tac is a solid gun overall, with a durability factor that cannot be competed with. It features a full metal slide, outer barrel and lower frame that give the gun a nice weight and balance to counter its strong recoil. The rail system on the lower receiver allows for easy installation of lights or lasers, which is optimal if you’re going to be playing at night or in darker locations.

Since we’re on the topic of attachments, the TAC has a threaded barrel that comes in handy if you’re keen on adding suppressors or tracers to your rig. Magazines for the 1911 are standard CO2-powered 14-round clips (which isn’t really a lot of rounds but lucky for you, aftermarket extended mags for this gun exist in abundance) and for the iron sights, you have three clear white dots on the rear end of the slide, which provide better visual than your traditional 1911 sight.

The KWC CO2 system ensures consistency, accuracy and unmatched reliability while providing for a ~300 FPS average experience.

3. KJW Beretta M9 Full Metal

This is your go-to GBB if you’re looking for a reliable pistol with realistic blowback without having to empty your pockets. Being an accurate replica of its real-life counterpart, the KJ Works’ M9 is effective, practical and easy to use. It’s 21 cm long, and weighs in at almost 1 kg when loaded, making it feel like a real gun in your hand. Being fairly old, the M9 doesn’t have a modern look compared to the latest gen pistols, but its functionality and durability is one of the best.

It has a full metal slide and frame, frame safety, hop-up unit, mag release, and so on. Due to the internal components being made out of metal as well, you can use a multitude of gasses such as propane, CO2, etc. The iron sights are nice, with white markings on them to make it easier to aim. Other features include an ambidextrous safety mechanism and a simple, yet comfortable textured grip. The trigger pull requires decent force, and the recoil feedback that follows is amazing. The KJW Beretta M9 does all that you pay for, and proficiently at that. Shooting with an average FPS of 330-340, it is definitely one of the more powerful entries on this list and an apt choice for beginners and veteran airsofters alike.

2. AAP-01

Army Action’s first gas blowback pistol, the AAP-01 is currently the most sought-after model in the market and for good reason. In short, it’s terrific!

In long…

It was inspired by the real-life Ruger Mark IV so besides being visually unique, the gun flaunts both semi-auto and full-auto (which really is something at ~30 RPS, let us tell you) firing modes while also featuring reversible controls for ambidextrous use. While it’s made of high-grade polymer, there is absolutely zero wobble so the piece still feels authentic even though it weighs at only 650 g.

By default, the gun comes with a 22-round green gas magazine (which can be replaced by higher capacity clips) and fiber-optics style front and rear sights. The grip has a nice, honeycomb-granulated hybrid texture intended to improve the overall feel of the gun. When it comes to safety locks, the trigger itself functions as one, and only its proper, correct press allows you to shoot. In addition, there’s also a dedicated safety button so you’ll never be misfiring at friendlies.

In terms of performance, it’s pretty evident why the AAP-01 is as liked by airsofters as it is. The default build with green gas clips and .2 g bbs can achieve 300-340 FPS, making it a highly versatile choice for both outdoors fights and CQC. Since the barrel is non-recoiling, accuracy is top tier. You’d have little to no problem hitting targets at over 20 meters, and with decent proficiency, the number only goes higher.

While the blowback and recoil isn’t crazy, it’s still decent enough to impart a strong sense of realism.

1. Tokyo Marui HiCapa 5.1

At first glance, you’ll notice that the Hi Capa 5.1 looks incredibly realistic, following suite of Tokyo Marui’s usual production style that tends to pay special attention to realism. Weighing in at less than 600 g, the model is very lightweight but doesn’t feel flimsy at all.

The gun comes complete with a 31-round magazine and an adjustable Bomar-style rear sight that doesn’t just look sleek, but is highly accurate. Other metal components include the ambi and grip safeties, the guide rod, slide stop and the polished chrome hammer. While the hop-up adjustment wheel does require some disassembly, it is extremely easy to use. The installation of the included mounting rail into the pistol isn’t particularly hasslesome either.

Another thing to note is that while the 5.1 is compatible with green gas, it is recommended not to use it unless you switch to an after-market metal slide so it can withstand the higher pressures more consistently. If that’s something you don’t want to bother with, then sticking to the HFC134 (which is what the gun was designed for) would be wiser.

The accuracy is good enough for you to use a 5.1 as your primary. Generally speaking, you can hit targets placed at 15-30 feet easily, with an FPS averaging around 260 if you use HFC134 and .2 gram bbs. A light slide makes for a quick cycle, which in turn gives you an impressively high ROF. The gas blow-back and recoil feel just right as well.

In conclusion, a great gun which not only looks, but also shoots and feels amazing. Despite being lightweight, it performs like a beast, and the accuracy and velocity makes this definitely worth your buck.


While no airsoft pistol is objectively the best, considering the saturated market that exists for the same, you’d be better off getting one from this list if you’re looking to get into the sport as a beginner, or just want a handgun that stands up to today’s standards and performs amazing overall.

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