What is airsoft?

What is airsoft?

What is airsoft?

Airsoft is a competitive shooting sport similar to paintball. In most airsoft games, players will divide into teams and play out scenarios together. There are many different game types you can play in airsoft. Some common ones include Last Man Standing, Capture the Flag, and Escort Missions.

Airsoft is a competitive shooting sport similar to paintball.

Airsoft is a competitive shooting sport similar to paintball. However, airsoft guns shoot plastic pellets called BBs instead of paintballs. Airsoft guns are powered by either springs, battery, or gas. They can be fired in bolt action, pump, semi-automatic, or automatic modes depending on the model of gun that you have chosen.

Airsoft players can play individually or in teams, depending on the type of game they want to play and how many people they are playing with. These games include capture-the-flag style games, where one team tries to capture another team’s flag; deathmatch games, where players try to eliminate all opposition; assassination games, where one player tries to eliminate another player during a set time period; and more!

How to play airsoft

In most airsoft games, players will divide into teams and play out scenarios together. These scenarios are called “military simulations” or milsim. These scenarios are typically loosely based off of real world armies and wars, requiring players to carry period accurate gear. During these battles players will have to complete various objective to win including: the player’s team may have to protect something or someone from attack, or they may need to eliminate all enemies in the area. There are also more standard game types that can be played like capture the flag, hostage rescue, and elimination. Each game type has its own rules and objectives that are determined by those playing the game.

Capture the flag

Capture the flag is where two teams face off against each other with one side trying to capture an objective while preventing their opponents from doing so. The first side to reach a certain number of captures wins!


Elimination is the simplest type of airsoft play. Your only goal is to shoot the enemy players to eliminate them from the game. In some variations you may have a certian number of respawns before you are out permanently. The team that has the last player standing wins!

What you need to play airsoft

If you think youre ready to dive into the world of airsoft, there are a few items you will need to get started.

Airsoft gun

You airsoft is your weapon out on the field, so it is important to choose wisely. Unlike paintball, airsoft guns are a lot more diverse in thier range, accuracy, rate of fire, and general appearance. You should first decide what type of gameplay you’re interested in. For example, if you intend to play on small CQB fields you might want to get a smaller weapong like a pistol or and SMG. While if you want to play in the woods or outdoors you may be better suited with a larger rifle. You will also need to decide if you would like a spring, electric, or gas powered airsoft gun. Spring guns are typically only for beginners as they are cheaply made and don’t shoot very fast, with the except of some shotguns and sniper rifles that are reserved for more specialized play. Gas powered guns are powered by Co2 or HPA, these guns can have a more realistic blowback mechanism as well as allow for adjustable power in some cases, though these guns are generally more expensive and considered more andvanced. If you are just starting we recommend you get an electric marker also known as an AEG. AEGs are the most common type of airsoft gun, they are powered by batteries and can shoot fast and parts are relatievly easy to find.

Airsoft goggles/mask

Safety is very important in airsoft as BBs can try at hundreds of feet per second. That is why you will need a protective mask to shield your eyes and face from hits. Most field require at least full-seal goggles that cover your eyes, however, it is recommended to get a full paintball-style mask to cover your entire face as a hit to the nose or teeth can be quite painfull. Make sure that your mask has the proper safety rating before taking it to a field.

Airsoft BBs

Airsoft BBs are small plastic pelettes that you shoot out of your gun. These are not to be confused with metal BBs that larger more powerful airguns shoot. When purchasing BBs you should take into account how powerful your airsoft gun is, the higher the FPS the higher weight BB you will typically want. For most beginners, a .2 or .25 weight BB will be a great start. You can als get bio-degradable BBs to not harm the envionment while out playing in the woods!


Airsoft is a fun and exciting sport that anyone can play. It’s great for both adults and kids, as well as groups of friends who want to have some fun together outside. If you’re looking for something new to try, give it a shot!

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